mercredi 15 février 2012

Global Event sponsorship and prizes details.

As you might know, we're one of many cities taking part in this global DevCamp week-end. There's a new post up on the central blog about all the nice goodies you can expect from the global sponsors, and some more info on how to register your team's app with the global event organisation.

In case you're wondering, we've already received the O'Reilly and Sony Ericsson prizes. Free e-books and a sweet SmartWatch. :)

You should note that some of the other prizes listed on the global page are not available to North American participants. Also important to note, you'll want to register your app with the global event organization before the 20th to be eligible for some of the bigger prizes. See this page for complete rules and conditions, as well as the list of prizes.

Sneak peek, sponsors, prizes and shiny toys!

With 2 days before the event, here's a few sneak peeks at what we have in store for the week-end.

Our hosts are the CRIM (Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal), you can see a few pictures of the location on the left.

Also we're very happy to announce we have 2 new sponsors! The great folks at DevTeach are sponsoring the event and will be giving out a ticket to their MobileTeach Vancouver 5 day conference. We're also being sponsored by the fine folks at Fasken Martineau who will be at the event, giving our attendees legal and business advice.

Finally, in the spirit of helping our attendees on the engineering side as well as the business side, we'll make available a common pool of toolkits and android devices so people can test and develop their projects. So far we have an Android accessory development kit, an Xperia Play phone and a 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you have anything to contribute to the pool, please let us know and we'll add it to the list.

samedi 4 février 2012

Android DevCamp 2012 [FR]
17 au 19 Février

Think global. Hack local. 48 hours straight. Enjoy!

Android Montréal en collaboration avec le Montréal GTUG organise un Hackathon Android faisant partie du Global Android Dev camp 2012 qui est un regroupement de hackathon simultanés tout autour du monde (plus de 50 groupes sont enregistré)

Principe :
Des idées de projets sont présentées au début de l'évènement. Des équipes seront alors créées et auront 48h pour réaliser leur projet. Généralement les équipes varient entre deux et cinq personnes.
Des tutoriels sont planifiés pour aider les gens qui débutent avec la plate-forme Android.

Début : Vendredi 17 Février à 18h00
Fin : Dimanche 19 Février à 18h00

Où?  Dans les locaux du CRIM (à coté de la station de métro Parc)
405 Avenue Ogilvy #101
Montreal, QC H3N 1M3

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Qui? Développeurs, graphistes, hackers, passionnés, curieux, débutants, professionnels, étudiants …  

Pourquoi? Pour créer quelque chose de nouveau, quelque chose de cool, avoir du fun, faire de belles rencontres, apprendre, partager.

Combien? Nous avons 40 places de disponible, alors réservez dès maintenant !

Android DevCamp 2012 [EN]
February 17 - 19

Think global. Hack local. 48 hours straight. Enjoy!

Android Montréal is organising an Android Hackathon as part of the Global Android Dev Camp 2012. More than 50 user groups have registered for this global event so far.

Project ideas are presented at the beginning of the event. Teams are then created, and have 48 hours to build their project. Usually team sizes vary between 2-5 people.
Tutorial sessions are planned to help people who are new to the Android platform.

Start : 6:00 pm Friday, February 17
End :  6:00 pm Sunday, February 19

CRIM (Parc Metro)
405 Avenue Ogilvy #101
Montreal, QC H3N 1M3

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Developers, designers, hackers, enthusiasts, beginners, professionals, students, anybody who is interested to learn about Android...

To build something new, something cool, to have fun, meet awesome people, learn, exchange...

How many?
We have 40 places available, so reserve today!